Does this story have a familiar ring?

Mary was targeted for some leadership development along with a group of supervisors from her organization. She was not sure what to expect or how it would help her as a new leader. She arrived for the session and was immediately in awe of the presenter, who was an excellent and entertaining communicator. Mary felt the training was some of the best she’d ever experienced.

Then she left the training and headed back to her team. She was not sure how to bridge the knowledge she had acquired into action. Mary felt uncomfortable making any changes to her leadership approach under the watchful eye of her team. She wanted to discuss this with her manager but the work was piled high and she wasn’t sure her manager even knew what the training had covered. Nothing really changed in her leadership practice following the training but she really did enjoy the training  and even recommended that her organization send others.

Have you ever experienced training that resulted in learners that loved the training, but did not take the learning and incorporate into their leadership practice? If so, you have come to the right place…

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