What is the Team Leader Café?

For over 20 years the professional staff of The TEAM Approach has worked with leaders from all kinds of organizations - manufacturing, medical, government, non-profit, financial, and more. Over and over we have heard the need for a "community of practice" where leaders can come together in an open, trusting environment to share organizational concerns, offer practical wisdom, and grow professionally. The Team Leader Café was designed to meet that need.

The Team Leader Café is a place where experienced, knowledgeable, business leaders help each other improve business results and leadership skills through shared discussion and analysis. Members meet on a regular basis at the convenience of the group and develop a community of practice through discussion and sharing in an intimate, small group environment.

Each meeting has as its focus one member's business; analyzing its' strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges. The leader of that organization offers a candid analysis of his/her own leadership abilities using results of assessments that are provided as part of the Café process. Plans and strategies are discussed. At future meetings, Café members hold the leader accountable to key decisions made that will enhance personal and organizational growth. Through discussion, critique, and feedback, members help each other to greater levels of success. Our goal is not only to help individual members improve their leadership skills, but to develop a business network that can collaborate for mutual success.

Take a few minutes to explore the Features of The Team Leader Café then join us for a Free Sample and experience for yourself the power of a community of practice.