Why Should I Join the Team Leader Café?

You'll share an intimate connection with a community of peers with diverse skills, experience and perspectives who will look carefully at your business plans and add a fresh, outside perspective to your analysis. They'll ask you hard questions. They'll listen. They'll see things you may not see and offer out-of-the-box ideas to meet your challenges.

Each Café community is limited to 12 members from non-competing businesses. You'll grow in your relationships with members of this group and develop deep connections through the intimate information you share with each other. It is important to note that relationships are the single most important resource in managing personal stress and challenges.

You'll become proficient in using the “Z” process for innovation and problem solving with the members of your community. You will learn new skills and gain new tools for tackling big challenges.

You'll get a high level tour of a relevant business or leadership book each month- directly from the book’s author through a recorded interview! In your Cafe' community you'll assess and discuss how these concepts apply to you, your leadership approach, or your business’ success.

You'll see a composite picture of the level of employee engagement in your organization, broken down by department. You will be able to identify the departments that may be impacting your business in a negative way and learn how to take appropriate action. You will also see where your organization is highly engaged, where there are opportunities for positive role-modeling and sharing best practices.

You'll take the time to "really think" about your business once per year as you create a presentation for your community. You'll do a SWOT analysis of your business, create overall goals and sketch out one or more key strategies to present to your peers who will be tracking your progress through the year holding you accountable to your goals and plans.

You'll have an opportunity at each meeting to bring an “instant case study” to the community if you are experiencing a challenge in your business. These can range from a sudden change in your financial picture to a challenge with a key member of your leadership team. Your peers will do a quick analysis (using the Z process) and offer you a diverse range of ideas to consider.

You'll get a "Reflected Best Self Feedback" report in your first year to do a thorough analysis of your strengths to see if you are fully exploiting the skills and characteristics that bring you your best results and success.

You'll look at your behavioral style, using the popular DiSC model, and relate it to your approach to leadership.

Our Personal Development Tool kit will provide you with ten tools to guide you as you put this personal data into a development plan to exploit your greatest strengths and work to close gaps in performance that might inhibit greater success.

In addition to our recorded author "tours" of their books each month, each quarter a book will be selected for your community book club. These books will offer information that directly connects to issues and concerns that members have raised in Café gatherings.