Team Leader Checkup

Throughout your membership in the Café you'll be gathering data about yourself and your organization. From time to time you may want to do some additional analysis on your own. Two online, free Check-Ups are available:

Do YOU Need a Check-Up? Should you ever want to look closely at your individual leadership strengths and needs, you can use our online Team Leader Check-Up. This tool will provide instant results with suggested developmental recommendations. It will not gather comments or break down respondent data as our full 360 feedback tool does, but its fast and its free. Try it here: Team Leader Check-Up

Does YOUR TEAM Need a Check-Up? Our online Team Check-Up provides a process for a team to conduct an assessment of 'itself" and work with the results to make needed improvements. This Check-Up is a simplified version of the one we use when we facilitate a team development process. The items are the same but the results are not as detailed. It is for teams which are not in a crisis mode but want a structure for discussing ways to be better. It's a quick, easy, and free team development tool you can use as you have needs:
Team Check-Up