Mocha - A Fuller Experience

Ah, mocha…so rich, so special- and so are you. Why? For starters, employee engagement begins and ends with leaders- that’s you. Leaders create culture through their actions and interactions whether they intend to or not. Leaders cannot, not communicate. They are always communicating something - what?

Leadership is an art form and each of us is evolving in this art. Art is always better appreciated and understood when you step back to study and observe it.

We’ll study leadership through the help of some real experts. We’ll hold out, at arm's length, important topics that impact your business everyday. Then we'll zoom in for a closer look at their impact on our businesses and on us.

When? One of the distinguishing features of the Café is its espresso design. But don’t let the quick three-hour meeting fool you. Espresso is supplemented by Mocha, which gives you a richer fuller experience by exposing you to the thought leaders of our time.

Mocha makes it easy for you to absorb new ideas with minimal investment of time. Glean ideas from some of the best:
  • Peter Block
  • Sharon Jordan Evens
  • Noah Blumenthal
  • Robert Jake Jacobs
  • Michael Lee Stafford

    Each month you get exposure to a new expert and their expertise on an important topic related to you and/or your organization’s success.